What we do

Used clothing used for good.

With the profits made from the sale of your  clothing, we cover 90%  of the cost of mental health treatment for those in need.

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Who we are

  1. We are a  100% non-profit supporting mental health.
  2. We  are  a small local boutique that sells pre-owned fashions.
  3. We are a green business that fights climate change.

How It Works

You donate your clothes

You bring your gently used clothes  to the store during store hours.

We sell your clothes.

After paying store expenses, any profits are used to send people to therapy.

We gift mental care treatment.

If you lack financial resources you can apply for mental health care treatment below.

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Halifax, 1595 Dresden Row Halifax, NS B3J 2K4, 90
Fill out our application to apply for mental health care treatment.